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LOGAN of the most effective treatments in my opinion.

This is the graduate college I attended. Along with other techniques, I learned and I think- perfected my practice of using Logan Basic.  It is a low-force treatment. I have been practicing Logan Basic since 1991. In that time...I have continued to find out important facets of using this technique.  It never stops giving me tidbits of precious information that makes treatment of patients easier and more effective. For me it is an assessment tool and a treatment tool used at the same time. 

I use Logan Basic as the first line of defense in most cases. At this point in my career, it is a diagnostic tool wrapped in a treatment tool. I can find the spinal subluxation and gently affect the fixed segment very effectively. 

The contact point on the sacrum stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system. The opposite contact hand is used to adjust the spine using light force from C1-S1 in the spine. There are secondary contacts that are also used i.e. Piriformis Notch. 


Logan College of Chiropractic...The college was named for its founder and first president, Hugh B. Logan, D.C. The first class of seven men and women enrolled on September 1, 1935. The college was housed in a converted residence at 4490 Lindell Boulevard, St. Louis' Central West End area. Five more students joined in February 1936.In 1972, it acquired the buildings and grounds at its present location, formerly a Maryknoll Seminary. The campus is on a 112-acre (45.3 ha) wooded hilltop in Chesterfield, Missouri. In 1982, a new Health Center was constructed, and in 1986, the Science and Research Center was added. In 2000, the Sports/Wellness Complex was built with adjacent ball fields and pavilion. In 2003, the former Maryknoll chapel was renovated and transformed into the Learning Resource Center. In 2006, the BIOFREEZE Sports & Rehabilitation Center opened on the Chesterfield campus. In 2007, the William D. Purser Center was completed, and in May 2008, the Standard Process Student Center was opened. The college opened a new Educational Wing, including an assessment center, in 2012.


The Logan Basic technique is a very low force treatment that some chiropractors use. It involves the muscular structure that surrounds the sacrum and is used as a lever system. The doctor puts a light pressure on a leverage spot on the sacral bone while the patient is in a face down position. He holds the pressure for a few minutes as he uses the other hand to adjust the back muscles using pressure to manipulate the spinous processes, transverse processes and the vertebral body.   Using different lines of drive determine what happens and how...the end result is to release tension at that level the doctor is working on affecting not just that region but out from this area as well. This causes the entire spine to move toward balance. The light pressure allows the muscles to relax. This is a very gentle treatment but it's extremely effective.

An examination is given to a patient before the Logan Basic technique is administered. This is usually done while the patients in a standing and lying position.


The examination includes a weight bearing postural analysis which looks at the structural landmarks of the body. This gives significant information to the doctor. Full spine A-P and lateral x-rays may also be taken. All parts of the x-ray film need to be of diagnostic quality so the doctor can read it accurately. 


Patients with osteoporosis can be treated with this method because of its low force adjustments. The low force also makes it an ideal and gentle treatment for infants, children and the elderly. 


Logan Basic technique is often used successfully to treat women during their entire pregnancy and labor. Pregnant women may experience uncomfortable symptoms such as tightness and pain in their hips and lumbar and gluteal muscles. This treatment can reduce some symptoms and help the pelvic function correctly.


Procedures that are used include piriformis contact, sacral unlock and the main contact called apex. The apex contact is meant to establish proper sacral alignment. 


The Logan Basic technique involves analyzing the spine and its biomechanics in normalcy and with problems that are caused by sacral subluxations. Biomechanics means studying the stability, motion and deformation of the spine and it's learning about various spine disorders and the best way to treat them. Dr. Logan, the inventor of this technique, stated that since the spine rests on the sacrum, it could obstruct the stabilization of spinal subluxations if the sacrum were unleveled or subluxated. This gentle but powerful treatment has helped many people find pain relief and correction of postural distortions.


Logan Basic is one of my most favorite techniques to use because it is so effective.  Dr. Roland K. Brim is a Las Vegas Chiropractor and is experienced in treatment of neck and back pain.  Also treatment of headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome are included.  Dr. Brim has experience in the treatment of pregnant patients.

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